Passenger Rights Proclamation

Passenger Rights Proclamation

In public transportation service ,it’s possible to increase service quality by focusing on passengers. With this purpose “Passenger rights proclamation” provides an important chance to improve the relationship between IETT and passengers to more sustainable and strong situation. 

The purpose of public transportation operators; making public transportation more attractive and to increase service quality by focusing on the idea of passengers’ satisfaction.

IETT targets to raise the quality of service as good as possible by fulfilling expectations and needs of the passengers. IETT promises to fulfil needs and demands of passengers, and the substances that are indicated in this proclamation.

1.Informing Passenger

- Informing passengers is certainly the most important fact of public transportation. This informing is being taking care of in a clear and explicit way for its purpose. With the fast developing technology there can be made many communication channels to provide information to passengers. 

- Voyages, price tariffs, other service informations and updates can be reached easily by LCD screens in vehicles, singboards in stops, posters, elucidating points, electronic environment (web) and social media. With the help of IETT call center and Beyaz Masa, your questions will be answered as soon as possible and result oriented. 

- During voyages informations are available in vehicles or stops. Every transportation point is described explicitly. Every vehicle has route information or route number and sign on it. Digital sings in vehicles and stops have route numbers, destination information and at stops signs provide updated information about departure of time for vehicles. Informing inside vehicle is the most important fact passengers; informing next stop. These informations are presented in buses and metrobuses voiced and written on screen. Also these informations fulfil the needs of our handicapped citizens. 


- Making public transportation proper to disabled citizens has a big importance for our handicapped citizens to reach their rights and services from every part of their lifes with everyone else. Concordantly, our organization takes into consideration the needs of our disabled citizens, and sees as social benefit and responsibility for disabled citizens to take advantage from public transportation; and keeps working everyday for its fleet to become fully accessible. It got faster to access subsisting half flat based vehicles. IETT minds about inner city bus stops to be in accessible destination, providing necessary physical conditions for getting on and getting off,  and taking care of notifications about public transportation with audio-visual equipment.


3. Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning of Vehicles and Garages

- IETT, makes arrangements, cleaning and maintenance of vehicles as a daily routine to serve passengers. 

- In the circumstenses of broken equipments which delays public transportation and effects comfort of passengers, necessary informations are made by driver.  


4. Trustworthiness and Punctuality

- Public transportation services, besides safety of passengers and comfort, voyage tariffs must be followed punctiliously. To decrease delays to a minimum level caused by existing traffic IETT keeps purchasing new buses.


5. Safety and Security of Passengers

- Making precautions to deliver passengers safely and confortably to their destination is IETT’s priority. Within IETT’s duty and responsibility; protects citizens’ rights and privacy in highly security level.

- In this issue necessary quipment is provided by educated employee.


6. Voyage Comfort

- Air conditioning and lightening system is avaible for comfortable voyage. To provide a comfortable trip sometimes drivers are being educated about safe drive techniques.


7. Passengers’ Demand and Complains

- Passengers are being stimulated for feedbacks to increase service quality and sustainability. IETT takes optimum precautions by taking passengers’ ideas and complains.

- Passerger’s demand, suggestion and complains are getting answered in 7 workday, regarding to this necessary examination and arrangment are being made.

- For lost belongings passengers can apply from web site or IETT call center.


8.Environmental Effects

- To control the effects to environment, the liquid, gas and solid wastes that come from vehicle repairs gets recycled.

- All employees are regularly educated about environmental risks.

- In the cleaning of station / stop and vehicles , ecocredential and biological solvable materials are preferred.

- In energy consumption IETT keeps working to decrease oscillations with carbon footprints in transportation. 


Expectation From Passengers

In order to offer our passengers a quality public transportation service, is expected to exhibit the following behaviour.

- During voyages, passengers must use Istanbulkart, and they must show their travel cards to employee in necessary circumstances.

- Stations and vehichles must be left clean.

- Public transportation must not be ridden with any flammable and explosive materials.

- According to law 4207, must not be used tobacco and tobacco products in public transportation vehicles or stations.

- No animals shall not be taken to the station and the vehicle except the following;

  Toy dogs with leash and must be embraced by the owner.

  Small cage animals. (except will animals)

- Any sudden damage or a stituation of an urgent need of cleaning must be informed to driver.

- Baby carriage areas can be used with baby carriage voyages.

- Under 6 years old children can travel without charge on lap. All 6 years and older children must travel at separated seat and must be charged.

- Responsibility and respect must be shown to other passengers and employees, must not spoken or listen music loudly.

- Public transportation must not be ridden with more than 30 kilogram or 120 x 50 x 60 cm large loads.

- Any emergency circumstances (suspicious packets,urgent health problem etc.) must be informed to nearest employee.

- Must not insist about getting off or getting on any other places than official stops.

- Must not engage a conversation or ask redundant questions with driver.

- Must get in to vehicle from the front door, and get off from middle and rear doors. 


Measurement of Service

To improve the quality of public transportation services, substances specified in the declaration are being checked by employees on electronic environment (web) or passenger satisfaction survey is carried out through face to face interviews in the field.