Corporate Ethical Principles and Policies



Ethical Policies

Our duties is carried out within the framework of honesty, fairness and neutrality.


Principles of Professional Ethics

Commitment to purpose and mission: Our institution employees behave accordingly to purposes and mission of IETT general directorate. Our organization acts to ensure the highest level to contribute to mission and vision in accordance with the service ideals.


Compliance to service standard: Our institution employees serve in accordance with the determinated standards and processes. Beneficiaries are provided about the necessary descriptive information about the service and operations and illuminate them during the service service process. IETT adopts continuous improvement as a principle by considering the expectations of the mass service areas.


Public service awareness in the fulfillment of the task: Our institution employees take bases participation, transparency, impartiality, honesty, accountability and defending the public interest in execution of the service. Adopts the objective and clear understanding of service that considers the social benefits in accordance with the appropriate service processes to changing conditions.


Public service awareness: In the fulfillment of services our employees focus on; to ease people’s daily life, to meet the needs in the most effective,fast and efficiently way, to raise service quality, to increase satisfaction of people, needs of the passengers and to be result-oriented.


Honesty and impartiality: In every actions and processes our institution employees act in accordance with the principles of dependent on laws, justice, equality and honesty. And can not target a behavior that is for interest or harm of any person or group. Can not discriminate reasons of religion, language, philosophical belief, political opinion, race, gender or etc. when fulfilling a duty or utilization from services. Can not attempt to violation of human rights and freedoms or restrictive treatment,and any disruptive behaviors or implementation to equality of opportunity. Acts accordingly in the performance within the jurisdiction of all our services in our institution. Uses judicial discrection in accordance with service requirement and recognizing the most important element is public interest.


Prestige and trust: IETT general directorate is that has a historical background, identified with rooted corporate tradition of Istanbul, and Turkey’s one of the most eximious institutions. Its institution identity and reputation was built during this rooted history, execution of our institution even in exceptional periods, and public service built on service areas by superior corporate virtues such as remaining faithful to the vision consciousness. Protecting, developing and removing this institutional prestige, institutional image and identity to a higher level is our employees’ foremost task.


Our institution employees avoid behaviors such as harming the trust, creating doubt and acting detrimental to the principles of justice.


Our employees act in accordance with the awareness of that a duty is above all kinds of personal or private in public service, can not behave badly to who benefit from service, can not delay the job, can not practice double standard and can not take sides.


Courtesy and respect: Our institution employees show necessary attention, acts kindly and respectful to institution personnel and to who benefit from service. If subject is ultra vires directs to relevant department or authorized.


Avoiding conflict of interest: Our institution employees have personal responsibility in conflict of interest, does not be side of the conflict of interest.


Duties and authorizations not used for the purpose of deriving benefits: Our employees, in or off duty do not involve in any task related situations that would benefit themselves, relatives or third parties by using their title and authorizations.


Our institution employees can not take advantage from anything other than personal rights and wages provided them for performing a public service.


Our employees can not directly or indirectly take advantage for themselves, relatives or third parties by using the official results or classified information from the performance of duties or the results of duties for economic, political or social benefits. And can not explain to organizations, institutions or people other than the competent authorities.


Prohibition of receiving gift and deriving benefits: Our institution employees do not receive economic or noneconomic gifts that can influence directly or indirectly to their impartiality, performance, decision, preventing from doing the job.


Our institution employees can not give presents in issuses unrelated to duty and service by using public funding. And can not send wreath or flower to natural and legal person other than official day, ceremony or holidays.


Use of public property and funding: Our institution employees can not use institution building, vehicles, resources and other institution properties other than serving for public and institutional purposes. Protect these and take necessary precautions to maintain service ready at any moment.


Avoiding splurge: Our institution employees avoid wastage and splurge in using public building, vehicles, resources and other institution properties; uses time, institution properties, resources, workforce and opportunities effectively, efficiently and thriftily.


Binding explanations and unrealistic statement: Our institution employees, while performing their duties they can not make institution binding statement, commitment, promises or initiatives, deceptive and untrue statement by overstepping beyond their powers. Each employee of our organization shows this sensitivity and accuracy in all transactions and services.


Eliciting, transparency and participation: Our institution employees helps people to use the right to elicit. Upon the request information or documents are provided properly by the no. 4982 specified in Right to Information Act.


Accountability of management: During the fulfillment of service all institution employees, especially managers can account for their responsibilities and obligations. Always open and ready to public evaluation and audit.


Our institution managers take required precautions in time by the duties and powers to prevent actions that are inappropriate to organization’s objectives and policies.


 Our institution managers take required precautions to prevent employees to graft.


Our institution managers become example by their life styles, manners and senses of service, provide proper training to employees about ethical principles, observes the obedience for these principles and guides them about ethical behaviors.


Relations with former public officials: In public services our institution employees can not benefit retired and resigned public officials in a privileged way.


Declaration of property: Our institution employees state receivables and payables with movable and immovable properties of themselves, their wives and their children to competent authority in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Combating Bribery and Corruption, Property Notice No. 3628.


Fair work load distribution: Our institution managers provide benefits such as business processes and compositions, efficient and effective use of resources, efficiency of given service, advantages to target group/external customer. These service organization and composition bases on efficient presentation of services without interruption and also in terms of protecting the rights of employees.


Declaration to the competent authorities: Our institution employees immediately informs to the Institution Ethics Commission in any request, seeing or getting informed of unlawful acts or actions incompatible to the ethical principles.


By Ethic Committee; notifying Public Official’s identity will be kept confidential and necessary precautions will be taken to prevent any harms.


3.  Objective


Placing the ethical culture by increasing the prestige of institution, providing customer satisfaction and ensuring that employees will comply with ethical principles.






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Vice General Manager


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Member: Süleyman BAYER

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