Our Mission

With its historical development and innovative approaches, it is the leading organization that provides accessible, economical, environmentally sensitive, passenger-oriented public transportation services.

Our vision

To increase passenger satisfaction with sustainable and integrated public transportation solutions.

Basic values

Passenger Oriented

IETT puts the passenger at the center of its activities and is based on the satisfaction of the passengers in all its activities, plans and investments. It considers passenger demands, complaints and suggestions as one of the most important development and learning tools.


IETT does not depart from fairness and integrity while performing its activities; observes the rights and laws, does not make any discrimination between its stakeholders and complies with the service principles it undertakes. It always serves its stakeholders with all its resources, under all conditions and with transparent approaches, is aware of the responsibility of the passengers it carries and complies with the service principles it has committed to its stakeholders.


IETT is an organization that is sensitive to the needs and expectations of all its stakeholders, especially its passengers, and the environment and nature. Revealing the needs of all stakeholders and their expectations from the institution

It develops empathic approaches to extract it, and sincerely evaluates all detections and shares. It develops projects to increase passenger satisfaction and reduce its impact on the environment, prioritizes the occupational health and safety of its employees, and supports social responsibility projects.


With a management approach in favor of innovation, IETT closely follows the best practices and new developments in our country and in the world, continuously improves the services it offers to its stakeholders with solution-oriented approaches, and evaluates the transformation needs at the highest level. Continuous customer and stakeholder satisfaction adapts to technological developments to increase their costs and reduce their costs; It leads change and innovation.


IETT uses technology to make effective decisions and reach results quickly. It evaluates its risks in advance with proactive approaches and performs its operations quickly and effectively in times of crisis. It accepts the principle of continuously increasing passenger satisfaction by successfully eliminating inefficient practices with a lean management approach.