Transportation Cards

My card is lost/stolen. What should I do?

 In case of that your travel card is lost or stolen you may cancel it by calling 444 1871.

You may obtain a replacement with paying required fee.

Can retirees get a Free Ride Card?

 If your age is 60 or above you may eligible for Social Card, If you are 65 or above and qualified for Social Security Institution Law No. 2022 you may get a Free ride Card called Senior Card. There is not any special travel card for retirees.

Can distance education students and alike get a Student Card?

Following students are not eligible for Student Card;

Non-formal educational institutions, 
Driver license training schools, 
Distance education institutions
Rehabilitation center. 

What documents are required documents for Student Card?

Documents required for Student Card depend on application type. Please visit Student Card Page to find out proper application type.

I have made online application for Social Card but My card still did not arrived. What should I do?

Click here to check your application status. If your card is printed and you have not received yet you should call your post office. If you cannot find where your card is, you may call our customer service; 4441871

The online application I made for a travel card has not resulted yet. What should I do?

Click here to check your application status and update your information. You will need your application reference number which is given to you by the time you submit your application and your Official ID number.